Anonymous asked:
So you didn't make out with someone? The facts determine that is a lie

Chances are if I’m not close enough to tell you about this situation in real life, what makes you think you can hunt for answers on the Internet using anonymous?

Anonymous asked:
How's Luke on the whole, you getting with someone else, situation?

You literally know nothing.

Anonymous asked:
So how's you and Luke?


Anonymous asked:
Do you make your boy wear a condom?

Fuck off.

Anonymous asked:
People kiss and tell you know. could you be any more stupid. You have everything right infront of you but too blind to see it! I did it once and I regret it everyday of my life. It would be a shame for you to do the same.

Shut the fuck up.
I could NOT care less what you regret in life, that’s not my problem & I don’t see why you’re telling me about it.

You probably have .7% knowledge on the situation & don’t know me or him from a bar of soap. If you have such a problem with what I’m doing with my life then that’s your problem. Not mine.
Stop worrying about my life saying these things to me & focus on your life & your problems.

Anonymous asked:
How's the sex life lately?



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